Museum Projects and Marine Research


Solving Two Mysteries!

  • anchor

    The Search for Captain Vancouver’s Lost Anchor

    In partnership with NOAA, the Bellingham Maritime Museum is in the final stages of a multi-year project to locate and retrieve an anchor lost on June 9th 1792 by Capt. Vancouver’s Armed Tender, HMS Chatham, in the Bellingham Channel.

    Come in and learn about marine archaeology in action!

  • The Identity of the Iron Cannon

    A very early iron cannon found in Bellingham, whose origin and age is yet to be determined, is on exhibition, along with the mystery surrounding it. The original markings can still be clearly seen, but it is unknown where it came from and who made it.  Can you solve this one?

Restoration Projects

  • The Bellboy
    A baby blue, 1957 16’ Bellboy hardtop, is in the process of restoration.  Built by the very first producer of all-fiberglass boats in the nation, the Bellboy was built in Bellingham.  Fiberglass is colored during production, so there is no need for painting.  You’ll notice this boat has faded from the elements and needs a new coat.  Their bright colors made them popular at the time and the fiberglass meant no annual scraping, painting or staining.

  • Wooden Hull

    The Wooden Hull
    A beautiful wooden hull boat is on display. Created by naval architect Richard Poole, who passed away before completion the hull is a good example of superior boat craftsmanship.

  • PBR Mark II Hull 31RP7210 museum restoration project

    Float the Boat Project
    The mission of the “Float the Boat” project is to return the Patrol Boat River (PBR) hull number 31RP6827 to operational status. PBR 6827 is a Mark II edition of the PBR’s built by local Bellingham Uniflite, Inc. for the US Navy. It was used in the Vietnam War.  The PBR 6827 is currently undergoing restoration efforts at the Bellingham Maritime Museum in Bellingham, WA. Learn more about this restoration effort.

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