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The Museum is hosting a reunion of Uniflite and PBR Vets on Saturday, August 17th, from 11am to 4 pm.  This is a homecoming and gathering for the many former Uniflite workers and sub-contractors as well as Military veterans who served on the broad range of boats built by Uniflite in Fairhaven. Art Nordtvedt, founder of Uniflite will be the featured guest at 1pm

Uniflite PBR

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  1. George miller says:

    Hello, we were working on our 32’ss when we pulled a piece off the counter gally there was a smily face with the date it said fitz ……..does anyone know who fitz was we have been restoring her and since the boat seems perfect for us thought we just may name her ” It Fitz ” I would like to know if he did a lot of work for the company or was a short time worker….anyone???

  2. James D. (Jim) Davy says:

    If you have this next year I will be attending thanks to Ralph, he is a wealth of
    PBR knowledge.
    V/R Jim

  3. Keith Smith says:

    Hi, I know that you you have my old PBR she was PBR 210 at Mare Island, you call her 7210, I was the original engineman on this boat. She was called 210 because we already had a boat 721, please send me any extra information you might have on her.
    Keith Smith

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