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New Bellingham Port Commissioners - 2013Congratulations to Michael McAuley on his re-election to the Port Commission, and to Dan Robbins on his election to the Port Commission. We look forward to a fresh start and are confident that the newly constituted commission will will steer a positive, cooperative, constructive and creative course, which will reflect credit upon themselves, the Port of Bellingham, and the Whatcom/Bellingham Community at large.

The museum looks forward to working with, supporting, and partnering with the Port in the many areas of common and mutual interest we share from the Working Waterfront to the broader reaches of Whatcom County, and beyond.

We also extend our thanks to Ken Bell and Renata Kowalczyk, for their participation in, and contributions to, this important election. We hope to see both of you in the future, both at the museum, and in continuing community activities.

All the candidates are to be commended for the high standards they observed in this election. You do yourselves and our community proud!


The Board, Staff, Volunteers, and Friends of the Bellingham Maritime Museum

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