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Limited Edition Tall Ship Prints by Steve Mayo
Take home the visual history of seafaring vessels with limited edition tall ship prints by acclaimed northwest historical marine artist, Steve Mayo.

  • IMG_0198[1]

    Print title and description coming soon.

  • IMG_0194[1]

    Print title and description coming soon.

Boat Parts, Molds and Hulls

During the restoration process, BMM has either obtained or created molds from original models or suppliers. BMM also has excess inventory on hand, for sale. We are willing to sell or trade. Sale of items benefits the Museum!

  • Part For Sale:
    PBR Control Panel

    Part For Sale:
    PBR Canvas Cage

  • For Sale:
    PBR “clamshell” vent cover

    Boat Inventory 2: Seeking expressions of interest Mark II Hull 31RP 7210
    PBR Mark II Hull 31RP7210 for Sale.

Model Boats for Sale

The museum has exact model replicates of a variety of watercraft.

  • For Sale  PBR Mark II “Model” Boat (from the original Uniflite model mold)
    PBR Mark II “Model” Boat



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